Mixer-28 Your Success-Engine

Mixer-28 Your Success-Engine

WHO ARE WE? Mixer-28 is a social-Facebook network of music fans, who are sharing and exchanging information about our favorite music, parties, showcases, premiers, festivals and radio broadcasting.

Who can join our group? Anyone between the age of 21-121 

WHAT IS OUR GOAL? To support social and environmental projects.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? it is simple- We suggest a model of Sharing and supporting each other

OUR VISION? To make electronic music accessible to all levels of society and to all populations with membership in our group – so we can support our social and environmental activities 

more about us- https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mixer.28/about/ 


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  1. Amber Barrett

    Awesomeness – so humbled to be here and Thank You to everyone making this possible and a massive Thank You to James Morreel for being a massive inspiration in my life!!

    1. david


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