The story of Samson

Dear Friends,

This morning I went to work as usual, and as I drove eastward I saw the wonderful sphere of the sun. Suddenly a joy arose inside me that I did not understand.

Being a man of Ashkelon, The unique biblical city. I had a kind of inner feeling inside me to bring you a story about a giant whose miraculous spirit would probably be forever-Samson.

Well – in short, with a special atmosphere for the new year a small synopsis

Samson is the ultimate hero in Jewish mythology, like heroes in other mythologies, most notably Hercules in Greek and Roman mythology. There are similarities between the story of Samson and the story of Hercules, for example: both have a supernatural physical force, both fought against the lion and defeated him with bare hands and without weapons, both carried symbols of Samson power, the gates of Gaza, and Hercules the lion he won, Both of them fell due to injury caused to them as a result of their wives, and both avenge themselves at the time of their death. In addition, there is a surprising similarity in origin – Hercules of the Danes, while Samson tribe Dan.

CREDIT: Wikipedia

So in honor of Samson, the man of the sun, the New Year, the year 5779 – the year of Samson.

May you all have A great wonderful year


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