The Parrot Paradox- Raziel Prigan

The Parrot Paradox- Raziel Prigan

The wrong choices are the ones that brought you to where you are today and who you have become.
Would you give up who you are today and consciously choose to be a different person?

If the answer is no. You have a real answer. You are in return for yourself and the God who guides you.

If the answer is yes and you do not like who you are and what you have become, it is likely that Rosh Hashanah and the Ten Days of Repentance will not touch you either.

You vehemently deny the divine guidance and from the distance from it, you are sure that you are right and in control of your destiny.

The divine gift you receive for such an attitude that God agrees with you and lets you continue to err (be right) and further believe that you are on the right path.
You’re just another parrot who thinks he’s a tiger.

Answer’ is not a response to a situation in life. But a ‘way of life’ that becomes a character. Therefore, a distinction must be made between a ‘repentant’ and a ‘repentant’ whose answer becomes property in his soul.

There are two known types of study halls. A beit-midrash that grows for Torah and a beit- midrash that grows for prayer.

And there is a third lesser-known beit midrash that I was privileged to enumerate among its students, it is unrecognized because it is neglected and often denigrated, denied, and despised, but this is the beit midrash that grows for ‘Teshuvah’.

Everyone knows and learns how to speak and what but we have not found a beit midrash that teaches silence. To have this answer is the ‘art of silence’. Immobilization (- learning to be is not) is the surest way to ecstasy, to the mystical experience of enlightenment.

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