Szivolt Barbara Perlita- Desire to hard TECHNO

Szivolt Barbara Perlita- Desire to hard TECHNO

Born in 1981 at Budapest Hungary .first time she listens to electronic tunes was at the Detroit Techno festival record 1989 broadcasted in Hungarian Radio show in 1989.

She learned music at elementary school singing and music corus (classical music), during 4 years at high-school she continues to learn music and graduating for music diploma. At the university, she went to Economy specialized school where was become a website administrator and editor for 4 years.

Since my first days at the university, She attests to herself as the queen of the disco of 1997 in Budapest. “I was in disco the electronic music (trance and house) department always,” she says.

With classical music diploma. from the University of Budapest, she is mixing her way to a wonderful electrical she developed. her professional Dj career set in 2016. Mixing two main favorite music styles Trance and Techno with the understanding of the universal code-music.

Her main music production is #A Soul Of Galaxy#. “This my production has music feeling she says. For me important, the perfect music feeling and the quality too. Good vibes. Hugs Perlita White” 

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