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Mixer-28 Your Success-Engine

WHO ARE WE? Mixer-28 is a social-Facebook network of music fans, who are sharing and exchanging information about our favorite music, parties, showcases, premiers, festivals and radio broadcasting.

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DJane Claudi Pari – Fitness to music

DJane Claudi Pari grows up in a family of musicians where everybody was playing an instrument and where there was barely any day without music. She has started - with Classic - playing Piano and dancing ballet when she was she was very young - adapting Jazz Dance and Free Dance in every style.

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The Parrot Paradox- Raziel Prigan

The wrong choices are the ones that brought you to where you are today and who you have become. Would you give up who you are today and consciously choose to be a different person?

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Mike Moharan- Music is a pray

Describing Mike L.'s journey within the hexagonal electro nebula is a difficult task, as our man is a character who is careful not to destroy all his cards in the first round. Arrived in France in 1984 from Morocco, Mike L. trained at the radio-mix school of Dimitri from Paris, then a young host on NRJ.

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Fundamentals of Elementary Existence- Raziel Prigan

The monk who sold his life - to nothing! Is it possible to live at a minimum, download a move in life and settle for less? Is nuns from life an option that can be considered? Did you know that the Torah calls those who torture himself and vow a vow of nuns that don't? Listen carefully that he won't drink wine and everything that comes out of grapes, listen carefully the Torah

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Source Code- Raziel Prigan

Try to take the plug out of the socket and see what happens? Once we have fixed itself from the source the life form is just an involuntary neural movement. The lizard tail after being disconnected from the lizard.

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Sofia Katsaros – Magic Trough Notes

Sofia Katsaros new single, “Aphrodite,” is her second collaboration with world-famous American hit producer Alvin Anthony, following their first hit single, “With You Here Tonight,” that was released with major Greek record label Heaven Music.

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Trevor Fung New Star mark

on the Divergence Series, we have the legend that is Trevor Fung. Trevor began his DJing career at 16 and was quickly earning a reputation for his taste and knowledge of both UK and American Soul, Funk and Jazz. In 1979 Trevor went away on a holiday to Ibiza, there he got to experience The Café Del Mar for the first time. In 1983 through his European tastes and connections, Trevor was invited to be resident at Amnesia in Ibiza to spin his eclectic style of dance music.

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Raziel-Prigan, About love

The very discovery in the presence of ' myself ' leads to the conclusion that if I'm a person and you're a person then like mine will change myself so you have your self. To this enlightenment I call 'love'.