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Štefan Perháč

I’m a DJ who played not for himself but for the crowd. It’s easy and faithful to your work. My name is Steeve SVK I’m a DJ, producer, and remixer from East Slovakia. Let me introduce myself in several places. I have over 19 years of professional DJ experience. As a DJ I worked on the best Eastern Slovak radio. Resident DJ for 6 best clubs in Slovakia.

Experience with big summer festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary … Music on labels like Whore House by Legends Hoxton Whores, Vamos Music, Comb Records, Disco Balls Records, DJCamp Label, Influence Records, Lovely Tunes, Tumbatta Records, Total Freedom Recordings, Burns Digital Records, Electroscene Label and more …

My own radio show on Radio Play Today in Los Angeles with regular recordings such as my official podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify Podcast, but also on Deezer under the title: Steeve (SVK) Groove Classic and working with the new world music TV Lounge TV, where I broadcast regular Deep & Tropical House shows in 4K

I also work with the unique Banger in the field of Electronic Music and a unique music platform of global character for the Dutch company, which came the only one and connected the worldwide electronic music audience into one mobile phone application, full ios and android support

for which I regularly broadcast my podcasts live show. I look forward to our meetings

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