Sofia Katsaros – Magic Trough Notes

Sofia Katsaros – Magic Trough Notes

Sofia Katsaros and Alvin Anthony, acknowledging the difficult times we are all going through in this world, decided to write a song that is directed towards women, in hopes of conveying the following message:

Aphrodite, the goddess of erotic love and beauty, was one of the ancient Greek gods of Olympus. Love and desire were her powers, and she had a special belt that could enchant anyone to fall in love with the person wearing it.

Like Aphrodite, all women are also powerful and should not settle for less than what they deserve, or become victims to abusive relationships. Our goal is to help all women understand they have an inner goddess Aphrodite that they carry inside them. It’s time to unleash your special powers and say NO to a partner that does not respect or treasure you, and say YES to a partner that knows your extraordinary worth and value, and who will treat you like the goddess you really are.

Know your own worth and own your inner goddess of beauty, desire, and love. Love yourself and let your inner goddess Aphrodite give you the relationship that you deserve.

Sofia Katsaros is an active member of the charity LA FAMIGLIA RADIO – CHARITY WEB RADIO LA FAMIGLIA PAIDI. The charity buys food with donations and with money they receive from their sponsors, and distribute the food to many families that are in need of our support. LA FAMIGLIA RADIO – CHARITY WEB RADIO LA FAMIGLIA PAIDI. All proceeds from the song will be donated to the charity in order to help them continue their wonderful work of supporting those less fortunate, in their time of need.

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