She Loved Control- Emil Kostov 🤔👠🔥

She Loved Control- Emil Kostov 🤔👠🔥

Mike’s smile on his lips was one you were happy to see, and even managed to penetrate the walls of imperiousness of women, who were constantly courted. Jennifer’s heart caught him too. And so their eyes met, Jennifer, who was a dancer in a dance club, had fallen into that smile, half-seductive, half innocent, Jennifer taken.

On that cool, pleasant evening Mike went out to wander the streets of the city. For many years he lived alone, a well-groomed divorced man who frequently changes women. But there seems to be no stronger drug than the love drug and Mike was obviously an addict. So when he saw Jennifer he longed for love-no doubt a good dose of love drug.

Mike had invited Jennifer to eat together Jennifer had agreed to meet the next day it was her day off, they could now see each other well, the luster of attraction between him and the one she had described earlier had hit them-there was a spark, especially for her. She was a courted girl, but she had never loved anyone. But now she felt something different, this man Mike manages to get her to take out the woman inside her.

The meal lasted until late in the evening, then Mike drove her home. she was a very private woman yet she invited him to her home for a cup of coffee before he heads going out to his home. The coffee became a fascinating conversation, a tremendous attraction, a night of passion. In the morning there was a wonderful hug and they arranged to meet one of the next few days.

Mike, who knew that Jennifer was a very excited girl and felt he had no chance of a long-term relationship with Jennifer, did not call again. After a few days, she called him angrily. But when he spoke to her she realized he had no other girlfriend. And he feels that there is no place in her heart for him, she who has never tasted true love has never turned to him and said, Mike, has learned me what love is.

Mike answered her darling – you love control, love is exactly the opposite it’s not about control. It is the essence of the ego that is found in every person.

Based on an imaginary love story that was told to me by a good friend of mine who now lives in the United States.
By, David Prigansson | Written in Bangkok | Oct 2018

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