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Rovshan Islamov- Notes In Silence

The world is music to which words must be found! Did you find? Without music life would be a mistake. Everything that comes, usic is eternal! Perfect music is silence, and musicians are creating a beautiful frame around this perfection

DJ Shan began his artistic career in his youth playing bass guitar. After finishing music school, he joined a rock band in which he was a featured soloist. He then set out to fulfill a long-term goal and established a recording studio, in which he worked for years and also learned the art of mastering. Subsequently, he managed and equipped many festivals and shows.

Currently, DJ Shan resident DJ at the Dubai Creek Yacht & Golf Club, Yelken Yacht Club, Chocolate Club & Florida Club. His favorite style is House, Electronica but he is constantly seeking out new and experimental sounds, styles and genres. His live sets attract many musicians and performers. Over the course of his career.


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