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Romantic impact or case study of love story?

Half Meeting

The taste of the pineapple mixed with the slices of persimmon which just a few minutes ago dipped in the bag of chili with the salt and wow he said, what a flavor. Now, sipping ceaselessly from the Coke, he sipped most of its contents and said, “Good. It was time for a message”.Welcome to the beautiful woman’s message, the director Noi told him. Enter here, please follow me. He will never forget what he went through in the next 60 minutes. It was a shaky experience for him.

a touch

Noi was a woman of the same kind that you see and would say Wow. How much a woman has in this production. She had the delicate look of those women from the movies of the 1920s mixed with the look of the 50s. Now she told him to lean back in the chair, grinning pleasantly. He, a doubtful and bewildered provider has performed the impeccable instruction. In the background, Celine Dion’s voice was heard, and then she began to massage his feet. It did not take long and the man fell asleep and sailed to distant places.


She had what we call Midas touch, she had the ability to hypnotize and lull you in less than 5 minutes, and when you’re tired, nervous, distracted, once you had been given a message to your feet you’ve become a new person. If he had not known the same feeling of massage shops scattered all over the big cities in Thailand it was an overvaluation for him. But it is clear that Noi’s shop is one of many, but there was another energy. What’s in Touch Noi’s hands seems to be an unanswerable puzzle forever, but it’s clear that this thing does a wonderful job.


Our acquaintance was a man in his late 30s engaged in extreme sports for about 10 years, a family man happily married two children, wandering back and forth between countries of heat and cold countries, and knows no inhibitions. Spending, living life in full force, enjoying every moment. And what we call a human spring, up to the same acquaintance with Noy, did not know what calm.

From that moment on he became addicted, for over 15 years, he has been coming to Massage. The beautiful woman is equipped with new energies, and he is on his way to happiness.


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