Raziel Prigan- Create Your Destiny

Raziel Prigan- Create Your Destiny

Life as a game teaches us, usually the hard way. There are principles and rules which are very hard to identify with a biased eye, but the blasts in life teach us that you will travel the way and sometimes in a big and less pleasant way that feelings of regret and defeat and even emotional and emotional release methods like optimism do not change reality.

Life is like mountain climbing You must have a guide who knows the trails of the mountain trails were there and back to accompany you to the top of the summit with complete confidence that you will indeed reach a complete summit.

What trains me as a spiritual guide is not theoretical knowledge, mental speculation, or self-organizational manipulation that is usually illusion and self-deception but I was there in the place of pain, experience, and failure, defeat … and survived because they were my good teachers. They were the gate they were the condition for everyone I became today yesterday and tomorrow.

Many years ago I asked to be a spiritual teacher as self-realization, I did not imagine paying tuition and training in so much experience of experience and pain. This training will undoubtedly have no real meaning if it does not lead people to their personal destiny to live the human potential that only they can discover through their life.

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