Raziel-Prigan, About love

Raziel-Prigan, About love

I tell you that beyond ego there is ‘self’.

The very discovery in the presence of ‘ myself ‘ leads to the conclusion that if I’m a person and you’re a person then like mine will change myself so you have your self.

To this enlightenment, I call ‘love’.

Relationship if so, here is the recognition that my ego is you and your ego is me.


Absolutely not, you just haven’t experienced love yet. What most of us call love is nothing more than the purchase of a ‘ comfort product ‘ that aims to ‘ spoil ‘ our ego.

Valentine’s Day is the next day of the official love today when the celebration is over and the lights go out that is requested for active participation in yesterday’s beloved / God’s life. When you are required to put your narcissistic ego aside and make your true ego son, the spouse is as happy as he needs.

The conclusion of her happiness is your business and vice versa.

Love is a secret that you don’t tell anyone but to those who deserve it.

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