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The music and lyrics to Be Mine that Sofia wrote, express her feelings about love…and the heartbreak that comes with it. Even though a couple’s love for each other may be strong and pure, sometimes the world can bring a young couple so many obstacles, that they may feel at one point or another, that their relationship will not survive. 

In the end, what it all comes down to is to follow your heart, so Sofia wrote her feelings for her lost love in song and although she is saddened for losing her beloved, she is hopeful because she believes in unconditional and everlasting love and its power to bring together two hearts that are now half because they were broken

Binding them together to make them become a whole heart again beats strong and can never break ever again.


Music & Lyrics – Sofia Katsaros ; Mix & Master – Plus Jones ; Backing Vocals – Christina Vaskantira & Harris Petmezas ; Photography – Mike Digicam ; Album Cover Artwork – Digital Diego 

Sofia Katsaros Bio:

Sofia Katsaros is half Greek, half Colombian; born in New York, and is a singer/songwriter and live stage performer who has worked with many famous artists worldwide. Her original songs have been streamed by thousands of listeners and play on FM radio stations in the United States and Europe.


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