Please fasten your seatbelts, said the flight attendant, as the captain’s voice announces the approaching landing, here again, she returns to Ibiza to coordinate the big party, and again this ritual of dressing well. What the club owner and his new Italian partner would say. She thought to herself how much I wanted to get to the hotel and go to sleep that someone would let me sleep.

Suddenly the steward, who seemed to be working in the back of the plane, had the smell of Ryan’s aftershave, the same smell that would have turned it on. And now she felt that something had changed, she no longer wanted the polite meetings. The sex she seemed to have to do. The short and incomprehensible conversations. Now she wants love. She wants someone to light her with a smile so he will not see her as a competitor. And finally, he would understand that she was a woman.

Jane was a great music producer, an independent woman in her mid-thirties who had made her a career. Thanks to the friend of her father who was a big industrial ale in Brazil. She was independent, strong, a confident woman who was interested only in developing her trade name, so she was careful to nurture herself. And even recently underwent chest lift surgery. Yes, she was an attractive woman. However, the development of her career and her many trips gave her a short relationship. At first, it was nice, but when she began to grow up. She began to feel empty-she was looking for something real.

Indeed, one day something strange happened. She surfed the internet and found a nice site with short stories. She began to read and began to feel a sense of transcendence. Unexplained pleasure. Words and sentences that evoke ancient feelings, an unexplained desire, a woman’s feelings. She began to feel that she fell in love with words, paragraphs, lines, a wonderful feeling of love energy-I was a woman thinking to herself. To this day I did not feel it. I love it so much. And indeed she managed to find that anonymous writer. And they are actually together these days.

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