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My Physical Expression. By, Chris Haines

Chris was born in Cardiff, Wales, in the 70s. After school, he moved closer to London and quickly found himself involved in DJing and organizing parties. His first residency was in “The Old Westminster”, Watford, a converted bank hence the name.

A large multi-floor venue, with guest DJs including Bobby & Steve, Grant Nelson, Steve Silk Hurley, Hippy Torrales, DJ Spoony, EZ, and the list goes on. It was during these years that Chris got more involved in organizing nights, became friends with a lot of these guest DJs, and started playing in London clubs. “The early days of Ministry of Sound in Elephant & Castle were just unbelievable. You could feel the music in your bones, and the atmosphere was supercharged.”

After years playing around London clubs and private stations, Chris then had the opportunity to go to the Miami Winter Music Conference for several years, and that has definitely had a profound impact. “Meeting and playing with icons like Master at Work, Kenny Dope, Little Louie, Bobby & Steve, Brian Tappert, and Grant Nelson was just mind-blowing. I had a smile from ear to ear, and those memories are still fresh now, 20+ years later”. 

As with many other DJs from the 90s life took over, the earphones were given a rest, and work and family became the focus. But the passion remained. Fast forward to 2020 and Chris returned to the decks, started live streaming and recording, and set up his own collaborative station called 4 The Music. “The ethos of 4 The Music is to embody the soul of house music. Inclusivity, teamwork, authentic & professional attitudes, and above all, pure passionate music.” If music is the food of love, then there is enough food for everyone.

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