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If you’ve been anywhere near a Club or Radio recently, the name Joe Kool will ring more than a few bells. Having immersed himself in the Clubs and Music Industry for over 30 years, he is no stranger to the DJ circuit spinning Deep House or Open Format he has been known to go all night, on quest to bringing you the best club DJ sets. He’s one hell of a Mixologist when it comes to transitioning, track selection and crowd reading, an ability which lets face it is a dying art in today’s Club scene. With his passion and dedication it’s not hard to see why he has been well sought after and respected in the clubbing scene.

While supporting the industry, he also finds time to deliver the hottest club tunes on HBRS – House Beats Radio Station out of the UK “Deep Frequency House Sessions” Tuesday 1pm-2pm PST, 4pm-5pm EST 9pm-10pmGMT/UK

FRIDAY NIGHT VIBES  1 hour of PARTYING!!! Non-Stop dancing for all to ENJOY!!! Something that makes you feel good and move to the sound of SMOOTH HOUSE GROOVE.  Joe Kool brings a unique style of extended mixing in each transition a VIBE! Its a turn around point when the 2 songs dance together in harmony for an extended period of time which creates (you guessed it) a VIBE!!!  Every Friday 1pm-2pm PST/USA 4pm-5pm PST/USA 11pm-12am GMT/UK

On VYBE LONDON.COM you will need to download the APP from your App Store.  Android-


Star Radio FM usually 1 hour sessions and 1-5 hour sessions for special events! Check site for announcements

If you have promos to be considered for DFHS Mix Sessions you are welcome to submit them to [email protected]

Bookings / Performances contact [email protected]

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