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Mixer-28 Expanding

Dear Friends, My music family. Hi, this is David, I would like to invite you to join the Mixer-28 group. Our group is aware of the difficulties in groups and other social networks. so I like to offer you a whole new experience. The Mixer-28 is not a regular music group, as you know, but an organization that has set itself a goal. That is development and investment in social and environmental projects.

Mixer-28 members are all addicted to music and art of entitlement and there are thousands of DJ’s in our group. We encourage support and collaboration. you’ve probably engaged our group on multiple websites and watched the activity spread across many social media sites.

We don’t wish to take over. The opposite, Mixer-28 main idea is share hence we are successful. You are most welcome to join your audience and expand your friend or business circle, to more target people from other communities. Get more support from other members in this fine group, get advice and technical guidance from other wonderful friends, and come short to pave a new way of success for yourself and others.

The maximum love, David Pregansson- Team Mixer-28. Mixer-28 Group✔

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