Miners of Reality

Miners of Reality

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We create our Reality: Mixer-28

Consciousness: The final frontier. These are the journeys of the mixer-28 in a timeless mission to seek new insights that cross the boundaries of imagination, to achieve new methods of thinking, to go where no man has gone before

The ship’s diaries: Crawler has back to himself. And he is steering the ship, Crawler reduced the acceleration, and now there is no consciousness gravity. The engines of intuition and imagination working at a level of 50% of the total capacity. The engines of intelligence and identification in full capacity, the fuel used is a mixture of 80/20, of thoughts and music. The insights radar scans the spaces of consciousness. Looking for new insights.

Crawler (singing): What a happy day for me today, what a day.

Me: What fun, we got out of the complicated situation we had been through, the gravity of consciousness made you hallucinate. And I lost directions in my mind.

Crawler: David, thank you for running the Crawler-Pregansson algorithm.

Me: It was completely by chance, I acted out of intuition – which was abundant within the gravitational field of consciousness that we were at.

Crawler: David, the infinity of the Iterations that we performed with the positioning code led us to be able to cope with the new reality.

Crawler: David, do you understand what happened here?

Crawler: It’s fascinating.

Me: There is none like you.

Here is David Pregansson, in a miraculous, boundless journey, that crosses the boundaries of imagination. Miner – for you a new reality In infinite insights. May all happiness and wealth in the universe be revealed to you.

Reality miners- work of art.

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