Mike Moharan- Music is a pray

Mike Moharan- Music is a pray

Describing Mike L.’s journey within the hexagonal electro nebula is a difficult task, as our man is a character who is careful not to destroy all his cards in the first round. Arrived in France in 1984 from Morocco, Mike L. trained at the radio-mix school of Dimitri from Paris, then a young host on NRJ.

Attracted by soul and funk, this self-made man of the turntables throws himself in 1989 in the first bath of residences in bars, the Roxy Café, the Comptoir or the Wait & See Café, enriches his technique and broadens his musical horizon (from l acid-jazz to deep house, via hip hop and more soulfull house). He thus logically won more and more substantial residences (Folies Pigalle, afters Kit Kat du Privilège, Queen, Midem…)

alongside the biggest international names. Seller at the Vibe Station record store, it is only natural that he befriends Olivier Portal’s band, Dj Deep, or even Jef K. Mike L. is certainly not the most media of our Hexagonal Dj’s, But rather than preferring work with friends to the multiple limelight, the slow gestation of collective projects to the immediacy of ready-to-dance formulas. We won’t complain. Because if his innumerable residences draw the portrait of a Stakhanovist of the turntables, Mike L. is above all a demanding perfectionist on whom time does not seem to have a hold.

On the production side, Mike is not left out, since his notoriety is developing through fruitful collaborations with Cyril K. or Playin’4 The City. This renowned remixer also hosted a weekly show (Atmosfear) on Radio FG. It all started in 1989, Mike L discovered a way to share his love for music with others: the mix Born in Morocco, Mike L. came to France in 1984 to study and ended up doing music is every day. 1980 Mike L. mixes with radio stations already in Marrakech at the age of eight curious about music and mixtures, Mike L. has fun experimenting. 1984 Mike L. still listens to the radio but in France, like the programs of a certain Dimitri Yerasinos (now Dimitri From Paris) on NRJ, he is interested in soul, funk, and many other things.

In 1989 He identifies the rise of DJ’s bars and performed at the Roxy Café, Le Comptoir, Café Vogue. step by step, he was booked at the Folie Pigalles every Wednesday and at the Palace. Following the discovery of the mixes of the late DJ Eric Candy, the late David Serrano, and André (still alive!) In the Kit-Kat afters of the Privilege (below the Palace), while he plays acid-jazz and hip-hop, it is logically oriented towards the garage, deep house, and soulfull house. 1996 He works at Vibe Station, one of the record stores in Bastille, he creates precious and friendly contacts through the privileged relationship that can exist between a DJ and the salesman who will advise him.

It was then that Mike L. started new residences: Wait & See Café where he organized Kraft evenings which allowed him to invite the DJs he liked: DJ Deep, DJ Grégory, André, Russia, Greg Gauthier Respect to the Queen, Gold Aux Bains, Masters Of Sound at Rex alongside Kenny Hawkes and DJ Cam. Fascinated by the compositions of Olivier Portal alias Playin’4 The City, son of the famous jazz musician of the same name, and by the work of DJ Deep, he befriends them and begins a collaboration to make parties.

1998 Mike L and Olivier Portal organize Atmosfear at the What’s Up Bar with the aim of conveying the music they love through lives, a fusion of electronics, acoustics, and vocals: this once a month for a year. Olivier Portal and other musicians (sometimes up to 7!) Did lives while Mike L. mixed (and incidentally organized the evening). Participation in Midem in Cannes for the promotion of the “residents” compilation of What’s Up with DJ Deep, Adam Scott, Playin’4 The City among others. Mike L plays alongside Dimitri From Paris at the last Respect party. He is invited to come and play on FG. 1999 Mike L now has a reputation with the public and professionals and befriends several artists including Martin Solveig, Chris Bob Sinclar, David Guetta or Daft Punk, despite the diversity of the places where he performs, Mike L succeeds in “creating osmosis with the public by playing a quality sound”.

In an interview given to MCM, Mike L defines his musical approach: “Artists who transcribe in their music the spirit of jazz-funk and soul pieces of the 70s, with today’s technologies” DJ Deep l ‘ invites to his Legends party, which takes place once a month at the Rex, once alongside Playin’4 The City and Next Evidence, once with Frankie Feliciano and one last occasion with Playin’4 The City and Julien Jabre. Mike L. participates in the festival “Les Plages Sonores”, plays in several provincial towns. Mike L. is alongside

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