Mariama Mariama Mariama

Born in the name is Mariama bah in the Gambia, in 1997 at the Southwest coasts of Africa. She discovered her love for football since she was at the age of 6 when The football team of Senegal came to play in the Gambia.

at that game, Miriama describe herself playing the best game that she ever imagine. and that she will come out with the first position, I became the captain of the team and I was very happy. Of who am I just want to be in the feature the best player in the world- I will

The love of football discovered when she was was a child. She asks mum and dad to buy a football for her the moment she keeps on playing all the time dad put me in female academic school, she stays there until she graduates at the same time she joins to one of the big team in The Gambia .

The connection with electronic music starts too at a very young age when she first listens to house music. it was a part of my ina born she says, I like the electronic sound. listening to music when I am sad or happy, is part of my personality.

Nowadays she is part of Mixer-28 where she finds all kinds of electronic genres. “That’s me I love electronic sound systems makes me feel free to see the world to meet the Big Djs music is part of my blood for real. the love of music wants to mark my way as an artist in the future”. 

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