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Love in the middle of life.

Five and a half years have passed since Annie was forced to leave her husband, who found a way to relieve the hardships of life with passion for her sister. When it was revealed to her she Crashed into pieces. But the ways of time, and the daily constraints of her heart, at least seemed so to the outside observer.

Annie found herself, working and passing through daily life. And now, over the years, the children had grown up, and now she had a way to look after her old age. Like many women before her, she went to the big city, hooked up with companies, rented an apartment. Looking for work.

The taste of youth did not leave Annie. On the contrary, now she found herself, longing for a hug, for the shoulder she could lean on, for the same words that make every woman happy. And here it happened, one day when she went out with friends, she saw John as a 50-year-old American man of Western appearance.

John went through a slightly different course of life, his life story touched a failed marriage, with a complicated divorce process, now feeling the loneliness after the six years since he had divorced. When he went on a trip abroad he came to the big city and went out to meet Annie.

Their eyes met with a glare of lightning, an unexplained desire, joy and happiness full of reason. Find gender. A love story began. Which is all understanding and friendship. Here they both drink coffee, embrace and share experiences. This is a short story to tell, short of the story: how to build new relationships together and I will expand on the next chapter.

David prigansson Notes | Microstories || Love in the middle of life -2019

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