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You again? Come to give help every time- please do not come.

For all the help you dare to ask, I will give you a simple hand that you can easily get away from. The fact that I can not help you is not perceived in your brain. I just want to sleep, but I have to suffer to hear the news. How can you delay intentionally pick up the phone while I’m calling again and again? How can I sleep? If you make me worry, I need to remove my worries. There are many things I’m not perfect about, I know that.

There are not only three or four things I need to solve, that has to be done. It’s over ten or hundreds of problems running through my brain. I’m going to solve them, I’m helping you. I never ask for a deal or a change. I do not think I can get anything from you. I can help you. But my brain is not enough, Let’s think about it together. Again I feel that I’m wasting time. Enjoy you, because you love it, you love my sense of boredom. I want to fix it. But for you it never ends.

I’m confused, I feel right, and I even have a way to free my way, But it’s funny. It’s a lot of things at the same time. My mind can not fix it. Even if this is not called a problem when I’m going to eat. my brain does not have enough space to remember even a pan or any simple detail. Help and get it off my mind. Now, I do not have to eat, but, my mind does not have to mess with you. I’m happy about everything. I’m timing the end. Let’s be rich. I do not feel like fighting with anyone. If I feel uncomfortable, I go and hit my finger. I’m just going the other way.

Disappointed, I lost a lot of things. I do not have to tell anyone. I use my hand to solve it myself. Skull, ass, nonsense, like a brain. I do not produce good ideas. My brain is very active. But five things. This year, it is unbearable, to lose the entire system. blurring. Say another thing, think about it. Perhaps the person who spoke to me was confused. Haha. I was so hurt today. I was offended. It hurt so much. I’ve wasted seven million and I have not regretted it yet. I know that money is important, but I can think of it as more important than money. Do not hurt me.

I invited him. He is able to chase after me and find me when I am in the middle of nowhere. When I slept at my mother house that day, it was such a frightening event that I still can not believe it. I do not have too much faith in you. Come and tell me what else to play. This event is very heavy. Never again mention money,

You again? Come to give help every time- please do not come.


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