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lAhnA lAhni – New music approach

lAhnA grew up heavily influenced by her father’s music and he instilled a love for Rock and New Age as well as complex harmonies in her from a very young age. 

Some of these influences were progressive Rock, bands with repetitive rhythms such as Tangerine Dream, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd with minimalist instrumentals and groups like the German Kraftwerk and Techno Animal or the French Droids and Jean Michel Jarre. 

As a girl, she started obsessively collecting music with a special penchant for electronics including Dance, New disco, House, Trance, Techno that would not only let her form her style but also help her emerge on the world stage as a DJ when she was just 16 years old.

Artistically, lAhnA has tried to fade out the basic theories but, even though her mind tunes into ‘the machine’, in the long term being self-taught enables her to reinvent music with her own sense of time and rhythm, combined with her curiosity and creativity.

Dedicating herself to music and gaining her DJ image has all been pretty special. In addition to being a social commentator and semiologist, music for her is the best mode of existence, and now more than ever, she’s dedicated to the notion that the mind cannot classify but the senses can scrutinize. An inexact science, but an eclectic one.

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