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Karol begins his approach to music by studying music theory at the conservatory in the 1980s.
Very quickly, he is attracted by electronic sounds influenced by groups like Kraft work, Anne Klark, etc.
In the 90s, he joined clubs such as Banana Cafe, Apollon, XL, and many others.
Then comes a quieter period in the 2000s with the fall of the vinyl market.

Starting in 2013, the record market and the various international movements are improving electronic sounds. It is then that come several meetings in the following years with Bruno Van Grasse, Stéphane Wilson, Arnoo Zarnoo, etc …
It follows the meeting with Tan, his current agent, which allows him to meet artists like Pedro De La Rossa and other artists from Flanders who have sounds still different.

Today, his sound is oriented towards the minimal, the progressive and the techno melodic. Very inspired by Berlin and London scene, he continues his research to arrive at production under his own label KOD PROD, strongly influenced by the rather progressive and techno sounds.

Nevertheless, he also works on projects from classical music to electronically modernize with real musicians who could play them on stage. The DJs who inspire him are Sasha, Pan pot, Phi Phi, Satori, Bedoin, and many others.

For 2020, his projects include many dates on gardens, day clubs, night clubs, in France and other European countries. In the coming weeks, several Karol and OD titles produced by Bruno Van Grasse and Stéphane Wilson should be on all platforms. Perfectionist, he is always listening and looking for new projects and despite its modern sounds, he remains one of the last DJs to mix on vinyl.

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