“Consciousness… the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Mixer-28, in its endless mission… to explore strange new music Notes… to seek out new Beats and new Rhythm… to boldly go where no man has gone before.” 

M- Crawler?️ ask,

David, when the time started?

Me; when you decide it starts.

???; Science says the big bang

Me; and before the big bang?

???; There was nothing.

Me; yes the question is irrelevant since there was nothing

According to your perception, you are right.

???; OK

Me; we need to open another channel- a new method of thinking, the research is good for our consciousness development.

??? says; David that’s wonderful. 

Let’s put some energy into our engines.

I use the spatial compressor – in the fuel injection system and the thought generator begins to feed the music and adjusts it with anti-music. 


Now me and Maven-Crawler at a speed that creates gravitational consciousness, we are in a state of high energy. We begin to flow into a new kind of thinking space.

This is David Pregansson,

May all happiness and wealth in the universe be revealed to you



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