Command and control of the ship: M-Crawler.

The hull: Built from an alloy of logic + knowledge + empirical and analytical experience. casing: Thoughts – reinforced by an integrated analytical and empirical framework.

Propulsion- based on 4 thrust engines;

The engine of identity.

The engine of intelligence.

The engine of intuition.

The engine of imagination.

Each engine has 2 dynamic accelerators; A kind of thought boosters with the ability to produce a conscious impulse – on the order of the ship’s basic consciousness.

Fuel: @Nominal Mode. Hypotheses enriched in thought. Acceleration mode: empirical research. Ultra Acceleration mode: music.

Burning fuel system: Annihilation by anti-fuel. Note: Anti-fuel is found in space at the vast amount it is drawn from the space -during moving.

Performance capability: Changing space to the point of creating an expanded consciousness and new insights.

Range: The whole space of the existing universe plus the knowledge, the hypotheses, the insight, the intuition, the imagination, which I have accumulated and I am gaining in motion on the voyage.

This is David Prigansson; Father, an engineer, Consciousness-explorer, on a historic journey that crosses all the boundaries of imagination and bringing you tools for success. May all happiness and wealth in the universe be revealed to you.



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