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The ship’s log; For several days now I have been in control of the ship. The engines of imagination and intuition working wonderfully thanks to the use of music fuel. The fuel injectors work very well, the dynamic annihilators working as well too. and I gain new insights without interruption.

Something is not clear happened to m- Crawler. he is in a state of delirium, I do not know exactly why, but I estimate that the acceleration we are moving creates the fields of gravity adsorption that Crawler’s calculation circles do not meet them. I’m working on the solution to this with him.

Crawler: David, what is the difference between fantasy and reality? How can I recognize that I am in reality and not in my imagination?

Me: A tough question. Producing the picture of reality depends on the definition of the matter.

Crawler: What’s more important?

Me: the imagination, it contains the picture of reality and the potential inherent in the picture.

Crawler: I had a dream, I’m David and you’re a Crawler. I felt strange.

Me: What did you feel?

Crawler: I imagine, that is, I am.

Me: Beautiful, existence with potential.

Crawler: I lose balance in the cycles of recalculation.

Me: Speak with me Crawler, let’s consider a problem in reducing space. Crawler considers the problem of energy flow in non-polar fields of consciousness.

Crawler: David it’s boring.

Me: There’s no choice – We must keep you in reality.

This is David Prigansson – an explorer of consciousness, on a journey across borders of imagination, changing insights, rethinking thoughts. Brings you ground-breaking tools, paving the way for success. May all happiness and wealth in the universe be revealed to you.




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