Iñaki Luna- Message from future

The passion for music begins at a young age, at the age of 15 when he began to frequent the best clubs in San Sebastian, he began to enjoy the house music that was beginning to sound then and 

with the passing of him five years ago and after suffering a very serious motorcycle accident, it was where he realized that music was the only thing that helped him overcome his ordeal of operations until a total of 49, the days he was at home without being able to get up from bed

without any experience and with the advice of a friend for tlf began to make his first set, his passion for music was such that in a matter of a few months and focused and oriented

he signed his first contract with a record label Bentley Records . for a couple of years, editing endless sessions and right now he is preparing a contract with the best music agency in all of Europe that in a matter of days will announce

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