H.E. Kimicoh

World Peace and Music go hand in hand the perfect mediums to bring awareness to social issues and to begin the process of healing to the World With music. Kimicoh has served some big hit in the genre of Techno house music, Progressive house music, Afro house music and Soulful house music His new release Enter My House seems to be creating an amazing buzz of what’s to come this year.


In this game for more than 10 years a seasoned crowd please and a master of his craft, he assures the industry of music that 2019 he will be presenting some of his best work. Kimicoh is also a current Global Ambassador of World Peace, International Recording Artist and Producer. Kimicoh an Ambassador for Peace, a performer and humanitarian. A descendant of the legendary Jazz musician Lionel Hampton and his uncle Carter G Woodson the father and creator of Black History month.

He worked as a Model and featured on several runways, print and campaigns but decided to simply dance. He was first noticed by Dance Diva Sybil and went on to perform and tour with several artists and an Orchestra domestically and internationally on stage and video to the present time. Kimicoh has also danced on Soul Train, Dance MTV and Walt Disney World coupled with a host of clubs, concert halls and different venues around the world.

as an independent contractor for the Major record labels doing artist development and Tour management. He was known in the industry as one of the original star makers. He has worked with the likes of Menudo, The Barrio Boys, Celine Dion, Taylor Dayne, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Lauryn Hill, Randy Jackson and Michael Jackson to name a few.


Kimicoh joined Bilcarie artist management back in the 90’s which serviced and supplied background arraignments and 5 star singers for major recording artist contracted to major record labels. He has done background vocals for recording artist in pop, r&b, gospel and house Music. His career expanded to background vocalist, artist development, personal assistant, and tour manager.

As a vocalist he has performed duets with several artists in the USA and several projects as lead recording artist. He has attended The Grammys, American Music Awards, MTV Music Awards and Soul Train Music awards. Kimicoh has traveled the world and continues to inspire many. He has come full circle and it’s no surprise he would decide to step up center stage again.

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