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Gilles de LaTourette


Gilles de LaTourette is a DJ / Producer born in the Lausannois region in Switzerland, he is very interested in electronic music and starts mixing at the age of 13 at first among the big brothers of the friends before buy your own equipment.

In the 90’s, in collaboration with his friend “Cédric L.”, they opened their own record store and created 2 labels to distribute their productions as well as those of some DJs in the region. The broadcast will be European and 1 of their titles will be included on a compilation of the label Bonzai Records.

In 2002 the store unfortunately closes its doors and Gilles de LaTourette will work as a DJ for private events until 2016. From 2017 he devotes himself entirely to electronic music by distilling several sets a month on the web and decides to create his own radio “Electronica Léman” in June 2018 with the generosity of some friends as well as resident DJ’s to help him funding.

Recently, he has returned to the studios for production and is expected to release several titles in 2019. Creation of the Deepest Mind Records label in January 2019. January 2019, the release of the single “syndrome # 001” on the Deepest Mind Records label which is available on Beatport 



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