Fundamentals of Elementary Existence- Raziel Prigan

Fundamentals of Elementary Existence- Raziel Prigan

The monk who sold his life – to nothing!
Is it possible to live at a minimum, download a move in life and settle for less? Is nuns from life an option that can be considered? Did you know that the Torah calls those who torture himself and vow a vow of nuns that don’t? Listen carefully that he won’t drink wine and everything that comes out of grapes, listen carefully the Torah

There is a personal minimum that every person needs for personal maintenance, I’m not just talking about physical needs like diverse food that contains enough vitamins, minerals, food fathers, amino acids but also for mental needs like a total of flavors, sweet sour, spicy and sweet. A man needs to health his spirit music composition, mirrors, harmony, design and art. For his health as a person he needs many lazies. He needs a father figure for a mother-to-son-in-law for a daughter to a widespread family to feel emotional security for uncles and in-law for mature characters and mentoring at

Man is composed of unnecessary than one system he has personality and has me – myself – soul.

Life is a balances between filling needs and character traits and personal traits, you can’t settle for less. To give up filling the need at a level of chronic downside causes the destruction of the same feature and exit from balance that the disadvantage can trigger the feature on the other side.
We all know a person who can’t love connecting with other graduates maturely can develop human hatred. The pre-stage of violence against is fear, anxiety, detachment.

A life without musical harmony design and art can bring to the madness of the soul, a thorough confusion in the ability to decide what you would like?

The man wasn’t created to survive a life like a business wasn’t built to maintain investment and nothing else, life was meant to live it beyond the values of investment in maintenance and gave it up like in the business to return investment and yield fruit.

Anyone who thinks that settling for less is a way of life must check himself if something in his perception as a person has gone wrong. A man is like the tree of life in the story of the trees of heaven, his fruit is creating life from an investment in the maintenance of existence.

The personal product of a life in which we live fully is called hope. A direct line to the future for tomorrow.

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