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Kominatia – Playing The Ultimate Vibe

KOMINATIA Is a French DJ with electronic tones. He discovered the electronics scene in England in the early ‘90s, when at that great time Techno, House and Jungle lived together in good harmony. He soon joined the Psy Trance scene as DJ TO ‘O, and in 2001 he first performed at festivals in Sweden where he shared the turntables with many DJs from the international scene.

There he met Evil Liza with whom he later formed a duet, first the « EatDogShit Dj’s » in Amsterdam, then the « Flower Powder » in Sweden. Today he is back on his first musical loves: house, deep house, tech house, progressive house, and techno.

He is the host and creator of the weekly program «Le Son de underground» broadcasted live on «Radio Méditerrannée Var» and currently produces the program «Sex, Love And Motion» on «The One» (Radio based in Ibiza and Marbella).

As a member of the DJ’s collective «Mirabelle Asso» located in the Var. He is actively working at the organization of the «Sud Tronic» – electronic music festival – in collaboration with numerous collectives and labels from the local scene in the south of France.

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