Ellast Kristoff – The Passion For Music

When it comes to music, electronic music. Techno, minimal, progressive, and dance are the beloved genres of the Belgian-born DJ. His foray into electronic music dates back to when he received his first DURAN-DURAN album. The 12-year-old, full of admiration for this music, starts with the electronic sounds, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, Anne Clark, and others inspire him to search further.

When he turned 18 he discovered R&B and a new world opened up again. The world of experimental music was discovered. Ambient becomes a turning point, quickly leading to the start of the new beat, where he later was introduced to another electronic music called house. At this stage he was introduced to the club life and also the new sounds with those … TECHNO, HOUSE, HARDCORE … djomatic then from one club to another, with a favorite club called EXTREME, where he gets to know the unique sound of DJ PhiPhi. every Monday his favorite Belgian DJ so far.

During this period he first became acquainted with DJs by trying out himself with vinyl and later with CDs. In 1999 he got married and with that came a period of silence in electronic music. This silence fell completely away when he received an iPod as a gift in 2010 and found an app about DJing, immediately branched out on this device and bought a controller and therefore started from scratch to where it stands today in terms of skills.

When you see djomatic working on the decks, you immediately notice that 3 decks are open regularly and 4 decks are regularly. Since he learned it from the beginning, this has become a standard for him. This passion grew every day. Get to know how to stream music from a friend and open a music channel on mixlr.com. Afterward, he also plays on AWDIO, livesetjes.com, and later on the life of Facebook. This way he gets in touch with a NEWCASTLE web radio owner who has the chance to do his thing there, the bug catches him and won’t let go.

In the meantime, Djomatic radio has played in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, France, Argentina, and Brazil. In the last 2 years, he works as a permanent DJ in one of the most widely viewed web radio, VIRTUAL DJ RADIO, 150 million users of this software, 4 channels with different genres, a select group of around and around more than a hundred DJs worldwide. Every day he has a radio broadcast of 2 to 3 hours with a specific theme every day.

After 2 years he does not think away from this radio at the moment and has become the most listened to DJ of vdj radio, the broadcasts usually have the highest listening figures and are currently at almost 7 million listenings on this radio (read downloads), with peaks of more than 12,000 downloads/listenings to specific broadcasts. Currently, this is a beloved place where he can only play his own genres (techno, minimal, dance, progressive) and make a set of them with influences from new waves, new beat, and even rock classics and some contemporary hits. mixed in. He hopes to end this djomatic quest with his own radio station.


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