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DJane Claudi Pari – Fitness to music

DJane Claudi Pari grows up in a family of musicians where everybody was playing an instrument and where there was barely any day without music. She has started – with Classic – playing Piano and dancing ballet when she was she was very young – adapting Jazz Dance and Free Dance in every style.

Choreo and the Feeling for Rythm with Heart and Soul get touched. Experience of Life and a strong character gave Pepper. Put all Feelings in the Music. Makes Video Shoots for Singers, start Modeling, and specialized as Fitness Model.

Works for Travel and Event. Travel about all the world. Always open mind to know more about the culture and their style of music. Hang around with artists, DJ´s and Production people to learn more about Mix and produce herself.

Lives a long time on Mallorca and Ibiza. Viva la Vida. La Vida Loca
ClaudiPari put mystic, spiritual, and all styles of the world in the Mix. Music gave the feelings and emotions. If you can´t feel it – leave it. House, Electro House, Latin House, and Future house are the basic. Tell a story with your music is her Statement.

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