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Dj Ttore Power in Sound

Hello, My name is Roberto Juan Tagliatori (Dj Ttore). I am a DJ who started again 3 years ago with a single objective: To express what he feels and lives.
The inspiration for music has always been, what leads me now, is to consider producing.
I am an Argentine Living in Peru for 3 years. I have a marked style, it is like a label that is Techno, I also work on Melodic Techno and Progressive House. Why? Techno feels differently, it is a constant concentration is paying attention to it, it is not knowing what is coming until it appears and boom!

Started DJing at a very young age, have been marked with talent since I was born. Music was always in my blood, As I remember back in 86 listening to Michael Jackson cassettes over and over again. I started working at the age of 16 until 2006 working in various places as a resident i.e , in Argentina-Buenos Aires: Kushen- San Miguel / Fellini – San Miguel / Fidelio – San Miguel / La Papesse – Caballito / Toc Toc – Las Cañitas / Mint – Punta Carrasco and centers such as: Congreso, Palermo, Tigre and Malvinas Argentinas. Then I moved away 12 years and 3 years ago I returned. 


The production lives in me, what I have is to look for is time. My biggest influence on music was: Lucia Ladoux (a Dj who died in 2016). The energy that she imparted every night was incredible!, Which led me to feel Techno differently. It was pure fire! She always brought tracks that seeing his face was an uncertainty, why? Her techno was industrial with piercing sounds and she didn’t know how the audience might react. It was the year 1997 and seeing that the public responded was an immense joy, they smiled, they jumped, they danced … they were magical nights! He came to be in the famous Rave Volution in Argentina. 


Well, the one Element that deficient me from other DJs, each one is different and with something to contribute. The musical culture that it did not have and has, will mark and define where it points. Regarding production, there are producers with sounds that are their own hallmark and that is very good! Why? Simple: When you listen to a track you already know who does it. Example: Binary, S O.N.E, Artbat, and Rojan.

There are 3 places in the world which I like the most: Ibiza with my Melodic Techno and Progressive House. Germany, with my Techno and to continue learning and researching and Ukraine because of the strong movement there is. There are many places with marked genres and that is excellent, it would be good to open up to this musical universe that seems to have no end.

The sound that I am working to produce came from listening, feeling, and knowing what people need. It will cost, but people will understand what it is about … there is a very closed public and that is where you have to aim. My main influencer is Carl Cox, an example to follow, many years in music, in the industry, and that perseverance that leads him to be what he is and the respect he deserves.  

What I want to achieve with my music or when I DJ is: That people get transported, let themselves be carried away by it and by the sounds. That in each track you can experience what the creator did. I want to be able to reach the Soul and those hearts, which is not little! It’s a lot!.

If I had to add something I would write the following: Thanks to all who listen to me, those who take time to listen to a Set of mine, those who support me and share what I do. To those who allow me to sound on radio, page, etc. To every lighting engineer and sound engineer who makes every night incredible! To every owner of bars, discos, etc. for giving me a chance! Thank you! 


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