Diana Emms- The Techno Spectra

Diana Emms- The Techno Spectra

Since the Start dawn of known history – people ask themselves, Do witches exist, Well I don’t really know about that, But I Can assure you that we have one in our group, A special kind – A TECHNO WITCH. Which many of us even know her and love her,

Diana Emms is a Russian origin female who was born in Moscow in 1978. Moved to the US with her parents, brother, and sister in 1982, they were relocated in Detroit, the State of Michigan – where the Techno movement began. Diana’s brother was a club DJ who traveled the world and since ever and Diana was attached to music.

After the relocation, she became a Techno addict.
She started to mess with vinyl’s around 9 and started to spin with her brother in Michigan’s woods (Up North) at 12, and this is when it’s all started! She stole the hearts of all dancers, she made magical vinyl mixes and it was the first time when everyone called her: The Witch – The Techno Witch!

Diana had so many un-official underground parties around the United States, Russia, UAE, Egypt, and Thailand, for one reason: Her work’s nature. In 2019 she decided to change plans and started to announce slowly about going public and in 2020 the decision has been taken. Diana Emms decided to go totally public.

Diana Emms is the owner of D&D MIX and D&D RECORDS and exclusively managed by D&D PRODUCTIONS, a XOOM PRODUCTIONS sister company, located in Los Angeles, California – USA.

She is a known Voice-talent artist, multi-genre professional DJ, who spins on 2, 4 and 6 decks including vinyl and a Techno producer “Mainly Dark and Industrial” and she knows with her unique seamless and hypnotizing transitions!
Follow Diana Emms to reveal the secrets! Nothing but quality beats and sounds! She is your next Gen DJ!

Mixcloud Select: mixcloud.com/dee-techno/select
Mixcloud Profile: mixcloud.com/dee-techno
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dee-techno
Hearthis: hearthis.at/dee.one
Facebook: facebook.com/diana.emms.official
Facebook Page: facebook.com/diana.emms.dnd
Twitter: twitter.com/DianaEmms
Instagram: instagram.com/emms.diana


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