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Borned in 1984 at Spain, begun his walk on the music at 8 years old, with his first keyboard.

Receiving piano lessons along 6 years, comes his passion for techno sound, always attracted by hard and dark style.

Influenced by national artists as Oscar Mulero, Reeko, Dj Pepo and Cristian Varela, begins the curiosity about production software, where he really could express his concept about techno.

Over 2010, undertake the production walk, learning the software running by autodidact way and helped by more of ten years of vinyl mix experience, decide take one more step about electronic music releasing his first EP at 2017, by the German label “Einch Fur Techno Digital”.

Looking for a different sound, Starts to work in collaboration with other artists, like Fran Quiros, Makaja Gonzales, Decoding Chaos or Sergio Frade, releasing few cooperative EPs and original remixes.

Nowadays, he gets his own hard original and varied sound, letting see a melodic touch in some tracks, but always in a dark line.


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