David Eisen ‎- My Future

David Eisen ‎- My Future

David Eisen was born on 5th June 1987 from Davangere, Karnataka. At the age of 7, David uses to play music on dual-deck cassette player & small piano as a hobby. He accidentally meets a friend he took him to in NGO party in Mumbai. So there he meets local DJ sound vendor Darrell Sound system.

He works with them as freelancing at the age of 17 but a few months later left working with them because of Higher secondary studies. After years later in 2007 started working for Antony sound vendor in Goa. He saw stage performing of Above & Beyond at Anjuna beach. Then he became interested in Djing.

He starts searching on the internet to learn Djing by watching YouTube videos famous Dj Channel “Ella Skin” ( Jonathan Lewis). In 2011 start Djing with his friend who runs an event management company called “The Invincibles” part-time. So after he inspired by live shows in Goa he joined DJ school learn proper techniques & Origin of Djing from Live wires DJ academy.

He recently participated in BURN RESIDENCY international Dj competition positioned at worlds # 376 & India’s # 1 Dj competitor.

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