Daniel De Sol

Daniel De Sol was born on 9. January 1983 in Neubrandenburg (DE) as Daniel Knappe Already at the end of the 90s Daniel discovered electronic music for himself and also the enthusiasm to hang up himself. This space had to be provided where we did not disturb everyone with our music.

This lead Daniel in 2001 with two other friends to rented a room in the old office buildings of the concrete works in Neubrandenburg which were no longer used. Here they celebrated their first electronic parties which at some point was not enough anymore and they would also like to listen to music in their discotheque in the city of Techno, as is usual in larger cities.

Daniel first started working as a lighting technician with a friend at the disco because he knew the two resident DJs well there and they still needed support for the technique. Of course, this often gave them the opportunity to rehearse in quiet phases or to prepare to try it out Plates in a disco with matching facility what a great feeling. It started a time in which now every weekend or when it was possible techno was celebrated.

Since at that time Techno played a maximum of 10% on an evening in the disco we naturally wanted more and gradually we convinced in discotheque boss that we needed a separate area for techno and this would increase the revenue for him. What has been such a good success over the years that we had our own electronic event. However, after many years of party and techno, the time has come for family and work abroad, as well as in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria and the time for music simply did not disappear. Only 5 years ago,

Daniel found his way back to electronic music through his medical history. And even now found enthusiasm in the quiet tracks of electronic music and recognized their depth. Since then, the music has helped him repeatedly to find hope for a healthy life and to strengthen others in their project and to stay with the music and their dreams not to go

Daniel De Sol: Music lover, Dj, Producer, Label founder of DeHelix Records and founder of Podcast show Kombinat Sternradio Kult Berlin
Podcast :

https://soundcloud.com/danieldesol/sets/kombinat-sternradio DJ Sets https://soundcloud.com/danieldesol Tracks https://danieldesol.bandcamp.com Label https://soundcloud.com/dehelixrecords
Contact & Social Channel
https://linktr.ee/daniel_de_sol ***********************
https://facebook.com/dehelixrecords https://facebook.com/danieldesol1 https://instagram.com/danieldesol https://twitter.com/KombinatSternr https://www.mixcloud.com/danieldesol https://hearthis.at/danieldesol https://soundcloud.com/dehelixrecords 


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