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 Christian has loved electronic music since he was a teenager, and over the years began to find the pleasure in “hardcore” music, which led him to the dark but aggressive style. He began to pursue his passion for being a DJ. Although, after a lack of experience he managed to show his presence in various clubs after a short time such as “Marx Bar”, epic! , Dklub, Spot 48 (formerly known as SoulKitchen or Point) which is also being a fishing resident, in Luxembourg.


At the beginning of 2018 Christian signed his first remixer contract with the German label “Sdl Recordings” under the pseudonym “Dj C!ko”, followed by two other Ep’s “Paranoid” and “System D”. At that point of time, he produced more of
a “Hard Techno

Meanwhile Christian began to produce under the pseudonym “Handsome Audience” with more deeper techno sound, raw percs and well placed synth elements. After few mounts he received his first remixer request from Kaiser the Dj with the banger Ep Except,with featured artist as ArtCore Techno, Konstantinus, Pablo Caballero, Sheef Lentzki.

Since then Handsome Audience already signed many labels such as Media Records evo / Techno logical records / Profunda intellectus records / Nerwa records / Mafia Records / Discokat records / Diliginetia records followed by Oxytech records

In 2019 Handsome Audience became a big opportunity by releasing his EP Dream on Dolma Rec. One of the most popular Techno Label World wide.


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