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Charley Young: a clear sound Dynamix

“I Want It Now” by Charley Young is now officially available on all music platforms. Charley Young is a very talented upcoming inspirational music artist. Charley Young is a singer, recording artist and professional songwriter, and composer. Charley wrote the top line/vocal melody and lyrics to “I Want It Now”.

Lu Rubino produced the very unique music that Charley added her creative and elite vocals to & Emilia Mendieta Cordova directed the amazing official music video. Charley Young was born in San Diego, California, and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Charley was exposed to music from a young age. In addition to music,

Charley has always been involved in competitive sports. She participated in soccer and gymnastics before having to switch to swimming due to her life-threatening battle with anorexia nervosa. Having survived anorexia nervosa and depression and coping with anxiety, Charley aspires to connect with others suffering from similar trials through her music.

Hearing how her songs and lyrics have helped or impacted a fan is what drives Charley to create. For her, her purpose in music is to be a lighthouse in the storm of life. YouTube Video “I Want It Now”:
Charley Young has many other great singles that you can enjoy. Below you will find her music platforms and social media links to follow her and listen to her other hit songs that you will love!

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