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Tamio Yamashita – New Sound

Born in Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture in 1971. He likes music since he was a child and started playing drums when he was 12 years old. In charge of brass band percussion at junior high school. At the same time, a bond is formed. In percussion, he participated in the Kyushu tournament as a representative of Kagoshima Prefecture, and the name of the wind orchestra.

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Eli Rojas- the best job in the world

Hailing from Cali, Columbia, Eli Rojas has mastered the skill of blending the Latin&Caribbean flavor into the electronic music scene of Ibiza. Coming from a background of salsa, reggae, and urban music, Ibiza inspired Eli to make a great musical shift towards dub, dub-step, deep and tech-house. It allowed Eli to take her knowledge of electronic music to another level while evolving with the Latin understanding of rhythm.

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Alain Poulet – The artist way

my name is Alain I started at the age of 14 mixed in a small disco in my region the Dj trained but at the time the technic SL1200 turntables did not exist in 1982 I set up my own disco mobile I turned under parquet in the patronal feasts village at the same time I worked in a classic radio for an English pop show until 1984