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Tamio Yamashita – New Sound

Born in Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture in 1971. He likes music since he was a child and started playing drums when he was 12 years old. In charge of brass band percussion at junior high school. At the same time, a bond is formed. In percussion, he participated in the Kyushu tournament as a representative of Kagoshima Prefecture, and the name of the wind orchestra.

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Eli Rojas- the best job in the world

Hailing from Cali, Columbia, Eli Rojas has mastered the skill of blending the Latin&Caribbean flavor into the electronic music scene of Ibiza. Coming from a background of salsa, reggae, and urban music, Ibiza inspired Eli to make a great musical shift towards dub, dub-step, deep and tech-house. It allowed Eli to take her knowledge of electronic music to another level while evolving with the Latin understanding of rhythm.

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The Gibson-Effect

Music is my love and passion. Been in the scene since the late 90s and started Djing back in 2003. Growing my skills over the years and preparing myself for something bigger after doing mobile for 15 yrs I was ready for a change so I dropped mobile and started to focus more on my own style and mixes.