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Dj Ttore Power in Sound

Hello, My name is Roberto Juan Tagliatori (Dj Ttore). I am a DJ who started again 3 years ago with a single objective: To express what he feels and lives. The inspiration for music has always been, what leads me now, is to consider producing. I am an Argentine Living in Peru for 3 years. I have a marked style, it is like a label that is Techno, I also work on Melodic Techno and Progressive House. Why? Techno feels differently, it is a constant concentration is paying attention to it, it is not knowing what is coming until it appears and boom!

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Impossible Bridges

Now you have a problem, I will not leave you for sure because we used to be good to each other But if when you are ok then you have a way or you want to leave me … I am happy to leave your life This time you have a problem, I will be by your side, there may be some annoyance, but I do not mean that I will think or do bad things to you ❤️



The music and lyrics to Be Mine that Sofia wrote, express her feelings about love...and the heartbreak that comes with it. Even though a couples love for each other may be strong and pure, sometimes the world can bring a young couple so many obstacles, that they may feel at one point or another, that their relationship will not survive.