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Bojan Bole Basovic AKA Dj Bexx


born on February 1 in 1981 in Podgorica, I began to play music by listening, At the start of the 90s he started to listen to dance music at the media it took him 12 years until he found himself connected to trance music, influenced by group as Faithless, Darude and later Dj Dash Berlin and Markus Schulz,

At the age of 24 he began participate on a radio show called Timb, Where he become a regular guest and meets many Djs that after few years he decide to cooperate with.These days he start dealing with new private project, hope that his sets will be on radio at spring start heading schedule, yet he got another suggestions from another radio- DHLC Radio

“After a couple of months of timeout, every single set follow another set that is released on radio make me satisfied As my reputation grew and the audience number grow everything is happier”


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