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Charley Young: a clear sound Dynamix

“I Want It Now” by Charley Young is now officially available on all music platforms. Charley Young is a very talented upcoming inspirational music artist. Charley Young is a singer, recording artist and professional songwriter, and composer. Charley wrote the top line/vocal melody and lyrics to “I Want It Now”.

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My Physical Expression. By, Chris Haines

Chris was born in Cardiff, Wales, in the 70s. After school, he moved closer to London and quickly found himself involved in DJing and organizing parties. His first residency was in “The Old Westminster”, Watford, a converted bank hence the name.

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Techno files: Case Abraxas Diana-Emms

Diana Emms is a Russian-origin female who was born in Moscow in 1978. Moved to the US with her parents, brother, and sister in 1982, they were relocated to Detroit, the State of Michigan – where the Techno movement began. Diana’s brother was a club DJ who traveled the world and since ever and Diana was attached to music.

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Dj Ttore Power in Sound

Hello, My name is Roberto Juan Tagliatori (Dj Ttore). I am a DJ who started again 3 years ago with a single objective: To express what he feels and lives. The inspiration for music has always been, what leads me now, is to consider producing. I am an Argentine Living in Peru for 3 years. I have a marked style, it is like a label that is Techno, I also work on Melodic Techno and Progressive House. Why? Techno feels differently, it is a constant concentration is paying attention to it, it is not knowing what is coming until it appears and boom!

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Impossible Bridges

Now you have a problem, I will not leave you for sure because we used to be good to each other But if when you are ok then you have a way or you want to leave me … I am happy to leave your life This time you have a problem, I will be by your side, there may be some annoyance, but I do not mean that I will think or do bad things to you ❤️



The music and lyrics to Be Mine that Sofia wrote, express her feelings about love...and the heartbreak that comes with it. Even though a couples love for each other may be strong and pure, sometimes the world can bring a young couple so many obstacles, that they may feel at one point or another, that their relationship will not survive.

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DJane Claudi Pari – Fitness to music

DJane Claudi Pari grows up in a family of musicians where everybody was playing an instrument and where there was barely any day without music. She has started - with Classic - playing Piano and dancing ballet when she was she was very young - adapting Jazz Dance and Free Dance in every style.