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Author, Raziel Prigan

The story of infinite Precision

The book of Genesis tells of the immense engineering operation, the Tower of Babel. In fact, a socio-technological experiment that turned out to be a major failure and the tower collapsed. Experience also had social and cultural implications. But the tower architectural experimenters never died, they just changed over the generations, the name has changed but the essence is still flashing and trying to lift head after time. Our job as the successors of history is to identify and stop these destructive trends of Babel Tower builders.

Genesis does give us the nuclear story, but in the Talmudic literature we are given details that make us sweat as a result of the concern that history seems to be moving forward, but it is an optical illusion and history goes back.

The book of Genesis tells us important details about the events, a group of people decided to create a closed company that protects its members by everyone living on a floor tower, their argument was that the herdsmen will never be lost in the herds, the tall tower will look distant so they never Will lose their way.
Another important detail, for the construction of the tower, the engineers developed an advanced method of ‘brick’ production. The new method is supposed to replace the old building method where stones used for building blocks were collected.

The builders of the tower say the Torah had ‘one language and a few things’ in the short sentence between the 4 words and the Torah frame story summarizes the root problem

One language.
Human language is an expression of culture, of worldview, of human experience to define zoning for human life and to bring to fruition all the possibilities of human expression.
The people of the tower not only built a physical tower located in a geographical area and demographically for a certain population, but tried to redefine what human destinies were, they defined clear boundaries for human culture according to the understanding of the tower’s architects. The method-model which he established was more important than human life. The Talmud says that the builders of the tower were more sorry for a brick that fell during work than if a worker fell from a scaffold and was killed. The method has become the face of everything that everyone is committed to and enslaved to.

Few things.
The tower is built of bricks, that is, from a set of patterned items, one similar to its member. There is a rigorous system of quality control so that the bricks are pre-set in size and weight. The brick metaphor is so wonderful and beautifully explains the idea. Whites are basically human beings who are educated or rather tamed so you lose their personal identity. During education (which is of course done to their advantage), they are supposed to recognize the power of filling a pattern just like bleaching. The supreme ‘happiness’ and personal satisfaction will result from being in line with the pattern and one similar to the other. The personal fulfillment is the right to be brick in the tower and not, God forbid, to sculpt or fall while building the tower. The purpose of everything is uniformity while exercising unity and concern for the welfare of the individual.

The good news that, in the end, was divine intervention, the tower was destroyed and the tower builders stopped understanding each other’s language — Babylon.

The tower as a metaphor for our lives is a wonderful metaphor, in Babylon people case there was a celestial intervention that blocked and shattered the concept of confederacy as a solution to the problem of personal identity and economic growth. However, are the new and dangerous trends of today’s socio-technological tower builders not causing the next chaos?

About the author. Mr. Raziel Prigan is a mentor specialist who had mentored countless of People during his 30 year career. The code work of which he uses says: become a warrior, only then you will become a winner.

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