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What is Love? Emotion, or an intrinsic issue?

What is love? The philosophical psychologist Erich Fromm, who devoted himself to a book called The Art of Love, saw love as the answer to the problem of human existence and the experience of human loneliness, which he saw as the mother of all adversities. He noted that love is an art that must be studied theoretically and practically, just like music, carpentry, or the engineering professions taught. 

He defined love as “an achievement of inter-personal unity in a merger with a second soul and the destruction of the partitions that separate each other” The paradox of two souls who were one, but still two.


What was not written about that elusive state or feeling we all experienced, experienced, experienced? The same emotion that exalts our spirit in relationships or makes us consume psychic powers when we experience a feeling of lack of love. 

What is the same situation? Psychological doubt, physiological doubt, and perhaps belong to other systems related to the structure of the entity called the human race. Even if we can not decide the question, it is clear that if we can learn this art, we can improve it and even make it much more accessible so that we can improve the condition of the human race.

These days, it is clear to all of us that the human race is on the threshold of perhaps the most beautiful period throughout history and the acceleration of technological development breaks our imagination systems. The global communications network touches one way or almost everyone in the world. There are often technological solutions to existence. And the range of opportunities for companies and individuals seems to have improved dramatically. At the same time, problems of neglect, crime, injustice, and the use of violence are everywhere. Moreover, some argue that the development of the communication networks and media channels not only created closeness also created problems of alienation. Lack of understanding, lack of caring, and the degree of contact between people diminished greatly. These problems exist regardless of the types of races, environmental conditions, and economic situation. In other words, it can be said with certainty that the world needs love and for the most part. 


We recognize that humanity is in a state of highly accelerated technological development, and at the same time is in a significant emotional and emotional lag. In my opinion, the idea of learning love proposed by Erich Fromm should be expanded. By using the Internet to establish a world institute for the study of love, the Institute will examine theoretical and practical ideas to develop the idea of love so that the human race can reach the level of communication and emotional understanding of the personal needs of this age. The profit will be great and the human race will be able to meet the challenges of the future.  




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