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Eli Rojas- the best job in the world

Hailing from Cali, Columbia, Eli Rojas has mastered the skill of blending the Latin&Caribbean flavor into the electronic music scene of Ibiza. Coming from a background of salsa, reggae, and urban music, Ibiza inspired Eli to make a great musical shift towards dub, dub-step, deep and tech-house. It allowed Eli to take her knowledge of electronic music to another level while evolving with the Latin understanding of rhythm.

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Alain Poulet – The artist way

my name is Alain I started at the age of 14 mixed in a small disco in my region the Dj trained but at the time the technic SL1200 turntables did not exist in 1982 I set up my own disco mobile I turned under parquet in the patronal feasts village at the same time I worked in a classic radio for an English pop show until 1984

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Štefan Perháč

I'm a DJ who played not for himself but for the crowd. It's easy and faithful to your work. My name is Steeve SVK I'm a DJ, producer, and remixer from East Slovakia. Let me introduce myself in several places. I have over 19 years of professional DJ experience. As a DJ I worked on the best Eastern Slovak radio. Resident DJ for 6 best clubs in Slovakia.

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The Gibson-Effect

Music is my love and passion. Been in the scene since the late 90s and started Djing back in 2003. Growing my skills over the years and preparing myself for something bigger after doing mobile for 15 yrs I was ready for a change so I dropped mobile and started to focus more on my own style and mixes.

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The book of Genesis tells of the immense engineering operation, the Tower of Babel. In fact, a socio-technological experiment that turned out to be a major failure and the tower collapsed. Experience also had social and cultural implications. But the tower architectural experimenters never died, they just changed over the generations, the name has changed but the essence is still flashing and trying to lift head after time. Our job as the successors of history is to identify and stop these destructive trends of Babel Tower builders.