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Ashni is an exotic curvy beauty that is about to explode on the world stage.
Born & Raised in Holland, she started as a Dancer, Fitness & Health Coach, but she always wanted to sing and entertain people as a little child.
Ashni is a true entertainer! Musically to be described as a mix of EDM / POP & CARIBBEAN Ashni is a born performer, an artist that will have audiences mesmerized, after a show. She is absolutely electrifying, and is about to be unleashed on the world stage!

Her motto in life; “What you think you create, What you feel you attract and what You imagine, You become Her first single was released in 2016, an EDM/dance track that contains Lots of fire and movement in the song!
Adrenalin – Single by Ashni | Spotify |

Her second single HEAT debuted in the USA, Miami. The music video was also made in Miami HEAT is a collab between Miss Tara (DJ) & Ashni. It is a mix between POP & EDM.
The track has received a Global Music Award and went straight into the Spotify viral top 50, and is creating a buzz in the States & Asia.

More Works

Remixes of HEAT: HEAT Usagi & Ashni Remix:
HEAT Ashni & Danny Q REMIX:
WANNA BE CLOSE: Ashni – Wanna Be Close (Radio Edit) – YouTube
W.O.W.Y (With Or Without You):
CRAZY THINGS MRZ: A collab with The rapper/MC MRZ. The song has a more Caribbean kind of vibe.

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